Purpose of the Hub

Totnes Climate Hub exists to put people and planet at the heart of the Totnes community by inspiring individuals and businesses to take climate action.

Our vision is a future for Totnes that goes beyond net zero in a just transition to a truly sustainable and thriving culture.

Our History
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Aims of Totnes Climate Hub

  • To empower local people, businesses, and community groups in Totnes to respond creatively to the climate and ecological emergency.
  • To highlight and coordinate local groups working on projects that benefit both the environment and society.
  • To contribute to Totnes becoming a strong, resilient, sustainable community with a focus on local and global justice, equality, participatory democracy, and well-being.
  • To connect with activists, organisations and social movements beyond Totnes who share our values.

Why Now?

Taking action now is crucial because we’re facing an unprecedented threat to our world. Climate and ecological breakdown will seriously impact our community’s well-being and survival if we don’t make significant efforts to change how we live. This breakdown will affect many aspects of our life, stretching from our food sources and energy security to the air we breathe and the weather we experience.

There are numerous actions we can all take to reduce our carbon footprint and promote the recovery of nature. Engaging with our institutions can also encourage positive systemic changes.

If individuals, communities, and localities worldwide adopt these changes, we can collectively have a substantial impact and reduce the likelihood of the worst outcomes from climate and ecological breakdown. Waiting for governments to initiate these changes is not an option; we can start making a difference now!

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Our Local Community

The Totnes community prides itself on leading the way. There are many inspiring groups and initiatives in Totnes doing great work on sustainability, regenerative living and care for nature. 

Totnes Climate Hub does not intend to replace or compete with these groups. We aim to showcase all the work taking place and ensure that as many people as possible know about what is happening in our community.

We produce a monthly Local Events listing which is promoted around town. We also run a ‘Local Events’ WhatsApp group to share reminders of upcoming events organised by aligned groups. Totnes Climate Hub is available to use free of charge for meetings, activities and events. 

81% of respondents to a stakeholder survey in August 2023 said that meeting like-minded people was the most valued benefit of the Hub. 58% said they know more about what’s going on in the community. And 47% of respondents said they felt more able to address the climate crisis. We are using these insights to inform our plans for 2024 and will run another survey later in the year to find out how this changes. 

Get involved

Key individuals

Totnes Climate Hub has a ‘Heart Circle’ of 8 people who meet bi-monthly to manage the Hub’s governance, operations, finances, fundraising and communications, design, volunteer co-ordination, events and outreach and administration.

We have over 40 ‘Welcome Host’ volunteers, who provide 32 volunteer hours per week to keep the Hub open four days a week from 11am – 3pm.

Tony Cooper

Finance Lead

Richard Phillips

Design Circle

Lucy Scanlon

Communications Circle Lead

Leilani van Koten

Governance Lead

Guy Downing

Transition Town Totnes Coordinator

David Cutting

Design Circle Lead

Barbara Phillips

Volunteer Coordinator

Emma Hopkins

Event Circle Lead

Grace Coles

Admin Lead

Our Community Says

Why I Volunteer

“I find it’s a great listening opportunity and I really enjoy that.” 

Totnes Climate Hub Community Fiona

Comments from Stakeholder Survey

“I have valued the help I have been given, and am proud that the Climate Hub exists.”

Totnes Climate Hub Community Stakeholder A

Hire the Hub

Totnes Climate Hub is available to book for groups, organisations and initiatives that are aligned with our aims and objectives.

We do not charge community groups and non-profit organisations for room hire, but we would appreciate a donation if possible. If you are enquiring on behalf of a business or commercial organisation, please ask about hourly rates.

Please contact us on admin@totnesclimatehub.info with your name, booking request and preferred dates. One of our volunteers will respond to confirm whether the room is available and send you a booking form to complete.

Before submitting your request, please note the following conditions:

  • The maximum capacity of the room is 15 people.
  • Bookings can only be made during the Mansion opening hours (Monday – Saturday 9am – 8.30pm).
  • We cannot take external bookings during the core hours of Totnes Climate Hub (Weds – Sat 11am – 3pm) or when the space is already booked for an event.
  • All bookings are subject to approval from the Hub management team.
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Our Lending Library

We have collected a large range of books on topics including Caring for Nature, Food and Growing, Rethinking Consumerism and Climate Change. These are all available to borrow and take home, please ask a volunteer to sign you out a book and leave your contact details. You can also sit in one of our comfy chairs (with an electric blanket if you want to get cosy!) and read here in the Hub.

We also have some donated copies of magazines including National Geographic, New Scientist and Wild Devon. If you have any books or magazines you would like to donate to the Hub, please drop in during our opening hours and hand them to a volunteer.