Big Give’s Green Match Fund to support climate action in Totnes

Published: 15th April 2024

Totnes Climate Hub has been selected to participate in the Big Give’s Green Match! 

This means that every donation made to Totnes Climate Hub via during the week of 18th – 25th April will be doubled, up to a total of £20,000. 

All donations made to the charity during this campaign week will be doubled by Big Give Champions, up to a total of £20,000. These funds will help ensure Totnes Climate Hub can remain open to the community four days a week to inspire local individuals and businesses to take climate action.

Totnes Climate Hub has now been open at The Mansion on Fore Street for 18 months, hosting hundreds of residents and visitors, as well as being used for workshops, events, exhibitions, and talks aimed at bringing people together and empowering them to respond to the climate crisis. We’re building a community that actively tackles climate change to create a more inclusive and resilient future for Totnes.

Why is this important?

The people, wildlife and environment of Totnes are threatened by climate change. Our community well-being will be negatively impacted if we don’t act now.

Climate and ecological breakdown will affect many aspects of our lives. Food will be harder to grow, energy will become even more expensive and extreme weather events will damage our homes.

Recent data from the Environment Agency shows that there have been ten flood warnings issued for Totnes in the last five years, and this will increase as water levels rise. Research published by Climate Central show that a large part of the town lying close to the River Dart could be under water by 2050. This area includes the town’s railway station, major supermarket, two GP surgeries, police station and secondary school.

Double your impact

Totnes Climate Hub is run by a collective of volunteers who want to actively tackle climate change by putting people and planet at the heart of our community. All donations to Totnes Climate Hub via will be generously matched by Big Give’s Champions during the week of 18th – 25th April.

This means you can make double the difference in supporting the people, wildlife and natural environment of Totnes.

George Monbiot, environmental journalist and local resident shared his support of the campaign:

“Totnes Climate Hub is one of a growing network of hubs around the country. I think they are absolutely essential for building from the climate movement that we need from the grassroots up. It’s not being done at the international level. We need to mobilise massively in our own neighbourhoods.”

Guy Erlacher-Downing, Transition Town Totnes Co-ordinator says:

“We created this space in response to the calls for it in the People’s Climate and Ecological Emergency Plan for Totnes. Since 2019 we have strived to provide an inspiring Hub for the town to engage in the pressing issues of our time.”

To continue this wonderful work, we hope to raise a total of £20,000. In order to access the £10,000 in the matching pot, we need to raise £10,000 in online donations from our community. We are so grateful to everyone who has made a pledge to support the campaign, and we hope people and businesses in Totnes will give generously.”

How you can support the campaign 

  • Visit and make a donation between midday on Thursday 18th April and Thursday 25th April.
  • Share the campaign with your family, friends and networks.