The Challenge

We are facing a biodiversity crisis. The WWF reports that global wildlife populations have declined by 69% on average since 1970. A million species on our planet are currently at risk of disappearing forever.

Pollution, climate change, agriculture and industry are damaging ecosystems. Destroying natural habitats is causing species to decline. This isn’t just bad news for plants and animals, it’s also devastating for us humans.

We rely on forests, rivers, oceans, and soil to give us the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water for our crops. Nature is crucial for our economy, society, and even our well-being and joy.

Our Future Vision

We actively take care of our countryside and gardens, helping nature to thrive. We support conservation and rewilding projects to bring back endangered plants and animals. We also work to reduce harm to the environment, making things better for nature and ourselves.

Everyone understands that the natural world is vital for our survival. We are overjoyed to see seas full of fish, meadows teeming with insects, and skies filled with majestic flocks of birds.

How we can all make a difference


  • Create a wildlife haven in your garden: plant pollinating plants and wildflowers for insects, put up bird boxes and bee hotels, leave undergrowth for hedgehogs, dig a pond.
  • Buy organic fruit and vegetables and sustainably-sourced fish.
  • Stop using herbicides, pesticides and cleaning chemicals which are harmful to aquatic life.


  • Plant wildflower verges and implement no-mow policies for council-owned land.
  • Get together to buy land for re-wilding and regenerative agriculture projects.
  • Set up community groups to advocate for wildlife and nature.


  • Include the GCSE in Natural History on the national curriculum.
  • Lobby politicians to implement legislation that protects wildlife and natural habitats.
  • Set up local ethical supply chains in place of global exploitation.

Celebrating Local Heroes