The Challenge

Economic growth is intrinsically linked to the climate crisis. The significant increase of carbon levels in the atmosphere started in the Industrial Revolution. Human activity to drive economic growth since then has been tied to increasing greenhouse gas emissions. An insatiable appetite for technological innovations and ever-higher prosperity is the root cause of an environmental and social crisis.

Inequality is baked into the system. The world’s richest countries continue to pursue never-ending growth through mass production and mass consumption. Private banks and pension funds invest trillions in the fossil fuel industry. Meanwhile, the poorest countries suffer from the effects of climate change.

Our Future Vision

We reshape the economic system to solve the crises we face. We produce goods and services using clean, renewable energy and environmentally friendly materials and methods. This involves more local ownership and less economic power in the hands of a few.

This shift means changing how and what we consume. We focus on quality and experience instead of quantity. Our governments change their economic policies. They end subsidies for fossil fuel companies, and invest in a sustainable, low-carbon future.

How we can all make a difference



  • Participate in the annual Local Entrepreneur Forum’s ‘Community of Dragons’ and invest in local ethical businesses.
  • Develop community wealth building opportunities, which can be re-invested in services to benefit the local community.
  • Support co-operatively owned businesses with opportunities of investment through shares.


  • End offshore tax havens and ensure large companies pay their taxes.
  • Implement a Green New Deal supporting the economic transition we urgently need.
  • End all subsidies to the fossil fuel sector and stop approving new fossil fuel licenses.

Celebrating Local Heroes