The Challenge

Our transportation mostly uses fossil fuels, which not only change the climate but also cause air pollution. This pollution leads to 7 million premature deaths worldwide every year.

Right now, a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. In Devon, we have a higher-than-average proportion of transport emissions (31%), presumably because public transport is limited. Private cars and airplanes are the two biggest contributors of transport emissions. 

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Our Future Vision

We live in towns and villages redesigned for easy and safe walking, cycling, or wheeling. There are great paths for cycling and walking between villages and towns, used for commuting and leisure.

Our public transport system is fantastic, with affordable and frequent electric buses and trains. Work meetings and conferences are mostly online now, cutting down on travel and carbon impact.

Not many people own cars anymore. Neighbourhood shared electric car schemes let people use and pay for one only when needed.
For freight transport and occasional long-distance journeys or holidays, we mostly use rail or airships. Our lifestyle is slower, healthier, and our environment is quieter with pure, clean air.

How we can all make a difference


  • Attend a monthly Green Travel advice session in the Hub with Totnes Town Council’s Sustainability Officer.
  • Join a car-share scheme and use public transport for more journeys.
  • Reduce air travel and use low-carbon options for long-distance travel.


  • Car-pool with friends and neighbours rather than making solo car journeys.
  • Support 15-minute city proposals to ensure all new homes are built in walking distance from local amenities and services.
  • Demand an increase in walking and cycle paths, bicycle parking areas and electric chargers powered by renewable energy.


  • Vote for political candidates who support reductions in fossil-fuel powered transport.
  • Lobby for investment in public transport and electric vehicles.
  • Normalise remote working to reduce commuting and work travel.

Celebrating Local Heroes

Useful Resources

This section includes videos and downloadable leaflets that you might find helpful to inspire your personal climate actions. Please note, Totnes Climate Hub does not take responsibility for any of the content provided in these resources.