What were the climate good news stories in 2023?

Published: 29th January 2024 | Written by: Jonny Evans

2023 might’ve been the hottest year on record, but there were various green shoots of good news from the past 12 months to give us hope for the future. Whether it was the return of beavers or the expansion of wind and solar energy in Europe, we saw plenty of evidence last year that the battle against climate change went up a gear in 2023.

Let’s take a look…

Beavers to return to London 400 years after being hunted to extinction
We all love a comeback story and they rarely come as cute as this one! After nearly being hunted in extinction 400 years ago, beavers made a triumphant return to London in February. This comes off the back of other beaver reintroduction projects across the UK in recent years.

Wind and solar overtake fossil gas to produce record fifth of EU electricity

Way back in January, the European Electricity Review confirmed that wind and solar energy production overtook fossil fuels and supplied a record fifth of electricity for the continent.

Brazil could reach historic low deforestation in 1-2 years, official says

Over in Latin America, Brazil is taking incredible steps to recover from the environmental impact of the Bolsonaro premiership. In November, the country’s head of the environmental protection agency confirmed that Brazil could reach historically low levels of deforestation in the next one to two years.

Ozone layer recovery is on track, helping avoid global warming by 0.5°C

Remember the ozone layer? Well, it’s on track to recover within the next four decades thanks to the global phaseout of ozone-depleting chemicals. If current momentum continues, the ozone layer is on track to recover to its 1980 levels by 2066 over the Antarctic, 2045 over the Arctic, and 2040 over the rest of the world.