The Challenge

Our political system does not fairly represent its citizens’ views. Instead, it is heavily influenced by big industries whose focus is on short term profits over care for people or planet.

Our electoral system of ‘First-past-the-post’ means that Parliament doesn’t match how we vote. Thousands of votes don’t count, in constituencies with ‘safe seats’ where no other party has a chance.

Without accountability, the UK government makes catastrophic choices. The climate and ecological crisis is an existential threat to humanity. But according to its own Committee on Climate Change, our government is falling behind. Green pledges are being watered down or revoked altogether in a short-term electoral strategy.

Recent legislation to crack down on protests threatens our democracy. Protests have shaped our social history from votes for women to workers’ rights and are a cornerstone of any democratic society.

Our Future Vision

Our democracy is inclusive and everyone has a say. We come together in Neighbourhood Assemblies, bridging cultural and economic gaps. This makes sure that local policies and budgets are fair and include everyone.

Our elected representatives at all levels match the votes for different political parties. Policies are shaped by Cross-Party Parliamentary Committees with input from varied Citizen Assemblies. Expert advice helps make smart decisions, keeping fairness at the heart of our politics.

Indigenous people and voices from the Global South play a bigger role in global climate and trade talks. These discussions focus on the environment and the well-being of future generations.

How we can all make a difference


  • Communicate with your MP and local council or become politically active within your preferred political party. Encourage them to push for much more sustainable, regenerative, caring and environmentally conscious policies.
  • Advocate for electoral reform, writing to your MP for their support and joining a campaign group such as Make Votes Matter.
  • Participate in local planning consultations and demand only quality, sustainable new builds, as well as greater support for renewable energy and retrofitting schemes.


  • Encourage your local council to include the community in decision-making from local policy to budgeting through participatory democratic assemblies.
  • Stand as a candidate in upcoming local elections.
  • Press your local council to lobby the Government for action on climate and nature emergencies and social justice.


  • Bring in a better and representative voting system, such as Proportional Representation.
  • Teach the skill of democracy in school, enabling children to make democratic choices about their schools and education.
  • Adopt a new Bill of Rights for citizens, so that our rights as citizens are protected and upheld.

Celebrating Local Heroes